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The power of ChatGPT with added team sharing, prompt templating, automation, and multiple LLMs.
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Reuse and share prompts

Combine documents, images and URLs to power through your work

Automate with prebuilt templates...

...and build your own in seconds

Product requirements document

Inputs: user role, feature description and desired outcomes

User story and acceptance criteria

Inputs: user role, feature description and desired outcome

Update product roadmap

Inputs: product description, user feedback, new business priorities, existing roadmap

Customer feedback form

Inputs: product name, company name, feedback deadline

Create user personas

Inputs: product name, product URL

Product performance KPIs

Inputs: Product name,  website URL, objectives

User stories from UI

Inputs: uploaded UI mockup imageInputs: uploaded UI mockup image

PRD for a new feature

Inputs: product name, feature name and details

Resume evaluation

Inputs: job description file, candidate resume file

Skills competency matrices

Inputs: required skills, employee resumes, scale,

Employee referral programs

Inputs: bonus structure, eligibility criteria, conditions

Training programs

Inputs: goals, training type, skill level, success metrics, metrics

Performance improvement plans

Inputs: goals, timeline, feedback frequency

Candidate interview guides

Inputs: job description file

Job description copy

Inputs: job title, job description, desired experience, key skills, prerequisites, benefits

Exit interview templates

Inputs: name, role, reason for exit

Blog posts

Inputs: tone of voice, URLs, ley points

Content calendars

Inputs: duration, start date, frequency, target audience, platforms

Partnership strategies

Inputs: industry, goals, URLs

SEO keywords

Inputs: product summary, target audience, count

Product Q&As

Inputs: product name, product description, key features

Key Performance Indicators

Inputs: objectives, data sources

Re-engagement email copy

Inputs: product name, product description, time since last engagement

Social media strategy

Inputs: product name, goals, audience, platforms, frequency, start date, duration

Why get locked into ChatGPT?

Leverage the power and cost savings of different models
  • Choose from leading models including ChatGPT 4 Turbo, Claude 3, Llama 3, Gemini Pro, Stability AI and more
  • Mix and match models depending on your problem
  • Bind models to prompts to ensure output consistency
  • Automatically select models based on prompt content
  • Avoid vendor lock-in and single model risk
  • Reduce costs by automatically selecting cheaper models with the same results.

Work as a team

Avoid the chaos and leverage existing team prompts
  • Create separate workspaces for different teams or departments
  • Share prompts with your teammates
  • Tag prompts and templates to make them easy to find
  • Manage and control who sees what with permissions
  • Track adoption with engagement analytics
  • Manage access through central account management

Integrate with your tools and data

  • Upload files as reference material
  • Connect to cloud storage for automatic updates
  • Add files to prompt templates for consistency
  • Connect to SQL databases
  • Integrate your existing services such as HubSpot, Zapier, Google Drive and more

Power up with automated workflows

Once you’ve built reliable templates for your business, start putting them together
  • Link prompts to execute complex AI-driven workflows
  • Automate recurring tasks with template scheduling
  • Trigger workflows based on external services actions
  • Schedule workflow to run
  • Have workflows pause to gather information or permission before proceeding


Cakewalk is still in private beta so pricing may change as we evolve…



  • Access to all models
  • Unlimited shared workspaces
  • Shared Prompt Library per workspace
  • Prompt templates with variable inputs
  • Get an AI assistant for your workspace (coming soon)
  • Access to all Cakewalk agents and prompt packs
  • File Upload
  • Web Search (coming soon)
  • Workflow Lite - run 10 jobs (coming soon)
  • 1 data source integration per workspace (coming soon)
  • 1 integration per workspace (coming soon)
  • Rate limiting for some advanced models
Optimise consumption of tokens with:
  • Basic token usage monitoring
  • Auto model selection

Pro (coming soon)


Everything in Lite plus:
  • Access to all models
  • Unlimited shared workspaces
  • Shared Prompt Library per workspace
  • Prompt templates with variable inputs
  • Get an AI assistant for your workspace (coming soon)
  • Access to all Cakewalk agents and prompt packs
  • File Upload
  • Web Search
  • Unlimited workflows
  • Unlimited data sources
  • Unlimited integrations
  • User analytics and reporting
  • Rate limiting on more advanced models - Additional usage can be purchased with credits
Manage costs better with:
  • Auto-model selection
  • Set different usage caps per team member
  • Create usage cap rules for different models


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Everything in Pro plus:
  • ChatGPT Enterprise models
  • SSO
  • Logging - centrally log requests and responses for QA and compliance
  • Self hosting
  • White labeling


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