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Jan 12, 2024

Cakewalk Feature Overview

Learn more about the capabilities that make Cakewalk so powerful for teams.

Supercharging Team Efficiency

In the dynamic world of business, efficiency and collaboration are key. That's where Cakewalk steps in, a groundbreaking product designed to supercharge productivity with collaborative GenAI workspaces. It's not just a tool; it's a game-changer, making the implementation of advanced AI like ChatGPT more accessible and cost-effective for teams and organisations.

Easy Onboarding and Unlimited Usage

Cakewalk simplifies team expansion. Its easy onboarding process lets you quickly invite new members and seamlessly integrate them into your monthly billing. No more complex cost calculations per user; pay a subscription for unlimited usage. This approach ensures that budgeting for team growth is straightforward and predictable.

Streamlining AI Model Selection with Cakewalk

Navigating the diverse world of AI models can be challenging, especially when different tasks require different strengths. Cakewalk addresses this by offering a variety of AI models under one umbrella. This approach simplifies the process of finding the right model for specific needs whether it be Chat GPT 4, Claude 2, Llama 2 or anything else as it becomes available.

With Cakewalk, users have the flexibility to choose from a range of models with just one subscription. This convenience is especially helpful for those who might not be experts in AI but still want to leverage its power.

Looking ahead, Cakewalk aims to introduce a feature that automatically suggests the most suitable model for a given task. This development is focused on reducing complexity and aiding users in harnessing AI more effectively, without the pressure of manual selection.

Create separate workspaces for different teams or departments

With Cakewalk's separate workspaces for different teams or departments, collaboration and communication within your organisation become seamless. Each team can have a dedicated workspace where they can share prompts, conversations and workflows.

Customisable Prompt Templates

The platform boasts an innovative feature - prompt templates with variables. This function allows users to take a standard prompt and tailor it to their specific needs by altering variables. These variables can range from files and dates to text fields and multiple-choice dropdown menus, with more options on the horizon. Prompt templates are given AI-generated titles and descriptions and can be tagged to assist with a high-quality search capability. Here’s how prompt templates work:

1. Create a prompt

2. Search for existing prompts created by you or the team

3. Team members can execute prompts from the prompt library without having to write the prompt. Simply add the variable and get started.

Prompt Packs: Ready-to-Use Collections

Cakewalk goes a step further with its 'prompt packs'. These are collections of public prompts, primed and ready for customisation. This feature is especially useful for users seeking inspiration or a starting point for their AI interactions.

Exciting Future Developments

The future of Cakewalk brims with potential. Soon, it will introduce workflows to chain prompts. This means the output of one prompt can become the variable for the next. Scheduled prompts, triggered automatically at set times, will add another layer of automation. Additionally, direct connections to databases and real-time data interaction, along with API integrations and compatibility with apps like Google Drive, are in the pipeline. Workspace owners will also be able to get analytics to draw on insights such as the number of conversations per user, and the most popular prompt templates.

Real-World Application: Automated Insight to Action

Imagine this scenario: Every Monday at 6 AM, Cakewalk retrieves insights from your connected database. These insights are then transformed into compelling email content. You're prompted to approve this content, and upon approval, it's automatically sent to a targeted list from your CRM. This level of automation and integration exemplifies the power of Cakewalk in streamlining and enhancing business processes.

Making Gen AI a Cakewalk

The possibilities with Cakewalk are endless. It’s not just about making tasks easier; it's about redefining how we interact as a team with LLMs.

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